About Us

JP Associates headed by personal Image Consultant Jane Pennewell brings over a decade of experience with members of the media, business leaders, and other clients all over the world.

She shows men and women what makes them look great, how to achieve that look themselves, how their wardrobe should embrace it, how color psychology can work for them, and how make-up and styling can make a critical difference. And she shows them how to save time and money while making smarter choices.

Who is Jane Pennewell?

Jane Pennewell, a certified image consultant, has helped many leaders and professionals create a polished and sophisticated image – an image customized to their professional and personal contexts. Jane uses a unique combination of skills and assessments to help her clients develop a look that is comfortable and that will project the image they need to succeed. During the past 20 years, Jane has worked with hundreds of business leaders, media professionals, and other professional men and women to achieve the looks that work best for them. She has helped clients obtain promotions through renewed style and has helped young men and women transition from a lifetime of casual or trendy dressing to a more polished, sophisticated style.

Working in a way that is supportive and fun, Jane can help you learn to:

  • Dress to flatter your individual body type
  • Present yourself with confidence and style in the workplace
  • Choose the colors and textures that are the best fit for you
  • Build a compact, high-quality wardrobe
  • Shop like an expert
  • Understand how to get a style and keep it!

Jane Pennewell is a color expert and image consultant based in the Washington, DC area. She left a Fortune 500 company 20 years ago to study image consulting and international fashion at American University. She has since studied and consulted in fashion and personal image in New York City, France, Italy, Germany, and the Middle East. Her clients describe her as “incredibly knowledgeable and supportive,” “having an amazing sense of color and design, “helping me look like myself, only much better,” “making an enormous contribution to my career.

Jane is currently available to work with individual clients and organizations worldwide.